Haslam to meet with urban districts about school funding

Friday, March 20, 2015, Vol. 39, No. 12

NASHVILLE (AP) - Gov. Bill Haslam met with representatives of the school districts in Tennessee's four largest cities to discuss their grievances about state funding and told them that he's working on short-term and long-term plans to address their concerns.

The Republican governor, Education Commissioner Candice McQueen and the four representatives spoke to reporters following the meeting on Monday.

Haslam is hoping to avert a lawsuit seeking to direct more funding to urban areas.

Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville have argued that the state's funding formula is not adequately funded, and they've discussed taking legal action.

Haslam and McQueen didn't elaborate on their plans but said they will be talking to superintendents across the state to find out their funding concerns.

The four district representatives said they'd like to see the administration's plans play out before taking legal action.