Tennessee bill would double Senate campaign donation limits

Friday, April 19, 2019, Vol. 43, No. 16

NASHVILLE (AP) — Tennessee senators have voted to double several campaign contribution limits.

The Senate voted Thursday for Republican Sen. Brian Kelsey's bill. It still needs House approval.

Currently, a Senate candidate can receive $1,600 from an individual and $12,300 from one political action committee for a primary election, and the same amounts again for the general election. The new limits would be $3,200 and $24,600.

The bill would increase the total Senate candidates can receive from PACs from $122,900 to $245,800 for the primary, and those amounts again for the general.

Kelsey said the bill syncs senators up with House members, who have a two-year election cycle instead of the Senate's four.

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jeff Yarbro said he doesn't think most people want to double PAC contribution limits for senators.