Keep your marketing emails out of the trash folder

Friday, October 14, 2016, Vol. 40, No. 42

On a typical day, the average professional receives about 100 emails and, according to a recent study, that number is only expected to grow.

The average professional also is in the routine of quickly scanning the inbox and deleting emails that don’t quickly catch their attention. It can be tough for any email these days to not end up in the trash bin.

So how can you make your company’s marketing emails stand out in a sea of doomed correspondence?

-- If you want to get your email opened, the subject line has to be enticing and relatable.

This can make or break an email. Give your recipients enough information to know what they are about to read, but not too much. You want to lure them in for the great content inside.

-- Your recipients are more than likely pretty busy on any given day. So make your email easy to browse. Once they open your email, they need to be able to quickly scan through and get to the information they want and need.

Break up the content into short, concise paragraphs.

Be sure to include headers and images that grab their attention and pop off the screen.

-- These days, people read a lot of email on the go. You must optimize your emails to be viewable on smartphones.

Use a mobile-responsive design that looks good on smartphones and tablets to be sure your email always looks its best. You may even want to focus more on the mobile layout than the desktop layout, as more than 60 percent of people now view emails on mobile devices.

-- Make sure it’s simple to subscribe to your email list. A lot of companies have success with signup forms on their homepage.

You can also ask for signups on your Facebook page, Twitter page, company blog and, really, just about anywhere you engage with your customers on a regular basis.

-- Speaking of customers, if you want help growing the subscriber list, enlist their help by making your emails shareable. Only send content that your audience will want to share, and make it extremely easy for them to share it by adding social media buttons or links within the content.

Email marketing is a smart way to reach your customers, but you need to do it right.

Too often, companies race to get the information out without taking the time to make sure that information will ever even be read.

Be sure to follow these tips to ensure you’re giving your audience the information they want and to ensure they avoid immediately deleting when you are the sender.

Charles Vance, Manager of Client Strategy & Performance at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, can be reached at