Titans fans anxiously await Henry’s return to field

Friday, January 7, 2022, Vol. 46, No. 1
By Terry McCormick

With the Titans now in a position to clinch the AFC ‘s top seed and home-field advantage throughout their playoff tun, the focus turns to whether Derrick Henry can come back and be effective for the postseason.

There has been much local and national speculation on when Henry might return, some saying he could be back as early as this week against Houston and others saying he could be on the field when the Titans get into the postseason.

Either way, the Titans have been tight-lipped about the King’s return.

Coach Mike Vrabel was asked about Henry after Sunday’s division-clinching win and only offered this response:

“I think the plan is always going to be, ‘Where is he at?’ And each individual player, can they do their job effectively? Can they make it worse? And can they protect themselves out there? You guys – it’s a violent game. We don’t want to put guys out there that can’t go out there and protect themselves or they can make it worse.”

That’s not exactly a revelation or a timetable, but Henry’s return would be a big boost to a Titans team that has managed to safely reach shore without him now for two months.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill offered a little more on Henry, but was still non-committal, which is the Titan way when it comes to revealing any injury diagnosis.

“We’re starting to have a little bit of momentum and do some good things, obviously,’’ Tannehill says. “We’ll see where Derrick ends up and, hopefully, we can get him back. But getting A.J. (Brown) back, we’re starting to build some momentum, play some consecutive games with good football, taking care of the ball and running the football. Playing our style of ball has been huge for us to kind of finish up these few weeks of the season.’’

D’Onta Foreman is performing capably at running back, but even he would welcome Henry for the postseason.

“I am not sure what the plan is, but whatever my role will be, I am going to do my role, do everything I can to help the team win. At the end of the day, the Titans gave me this opportunity, so I am just so thankful” he adds. “There is never anything that I wouldn’t do to not be excited. Even if I am on the bench or even whatever my role would be, I am just here to do my job, do my part and help this team win games.”