Union PR push, move to seal documents tangle officer's case

Friday, February 15, 2019, Vol. 43, No. 7

NASHVILLE (AP) — The attorney for a white police officer charged with fatally shooting an armed black man is calling for legal discovery documents to be sealed from the public.

Meanwhile, the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police has been running digital advertising about the case, prompting Nashville District Attorney General Glenn Funk to raise questions about potential conflicts of interest. Officer Andrew Delke's attorneys represent that police union as well.

Delke shot 25-year-old Daniel Hambrick from behind during a July foot chase. He's charged with first-degree murder.

In a court filing, Funk wrote that the campaign's "misinformation, mistruths and untruths" will be shown by open exchange of discovery materials.

Defense attorney David Raybin wrote separately that the disclosure could spur witnesses to appear later and "magically 'remember'" things based on what they've seen on television.