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Public Notices - Friday, August 19, 2011

Foreclosure Notices 139
Court Notices 0
Bid Notices 0
Miscellaneous Notices 1
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Tennessee Public Notices
DetailsBorrowerProperty AddressAdvertised Auction DateDate of First Notice
ViewManuel Aguilar926 W Greenwood Ave9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewGhassan W Alfaqih7700 Steeplechase Ct9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewRochelle E Allen2434 Robbie Ct9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewStephen Avery7217 Ole Nottingham Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewDenise Barrow3913 Sussex Dr9/16/20118/19/2011
ViewReginald Beechum2100 W Richmond Hill Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewDanny W Bell6364 Ivy St9/19/20118/19/2011
ViewKristine Bender12 Sycamore Ct9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewCarlton R Boleyjack1817 Apple Valley Cir9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewKenneth Bowers3206 Torbett St9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewErnest J Burnett2622 Forest View Dr9/21/20118/19/2011
ViewWilliam R Domingos419 Claircrest Dr9/16/20118/19/2011
ViewDoris A Dubois2307 Shadow Ln9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewBenjamin Farrell5440 Old Hickory Blvd9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewGreta Y Fenton3408 Dakota Ave9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewNicole D Franklin2600 Hillsboro Pike Apt 2079/14/20118/19/2011
ViewCarol Frysinger233 Margo Ln9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewEdward E Garner3803 Turley Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewSharon R Greer7575 Old Charlotte Pike9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewRobert Hall1705 Heiman St9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewMark S Hann926 Woodland St Unit 4029/14/20118/19/2011
ViewQuethlyn N Holden500 Paragon Mills Rd Apt G59/14/20118/19/2011
ViewJoel D Howell508 Broadwell Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewWendi N Johnson3452 Shakertown Rd9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewRhea Johnson2020 Jones Cir9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewGeorge Kendrick2423 Meharry Blvd9/16/20118/19/2011
ViewArthur C Lockridge320 Old Hickory Blvd Apt 28209/14/20118/19/2011
ViewJ. Marshall290 Cana Cir #801B9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewBerhanu S Marut2945 & 2947 Torbett St9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewDuanisha L Mathews373 Solitude Cir9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewDarlene Misskelly3051 Ivy Point Rd9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewMohammed L Mohammed809 Saussy Ct9/16/20118/19/2011
ViewCarey W Moore217 Walking Horse Hl9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewBecky B Morgan6123 Jocelyn Hollow Rd9/16/20118/19/2011
ViewAmy E Neff5772 Amalie Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewGregory E Padilla5450 Hickory Park Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewDejuan D Parker2914 Morningside Dr9/15/20118/19/2011
ViewGeorge L Patton7013 Oak Brook Ter9/16/20118/19/2011
ViewLinda Pedro3324 Towneship Rd9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewCleveland Peterson3104 Weatherstone Cv W9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewEdwin L Pitt2819 Hastings Rd9/16/20118/19/2011
ViewMichael K Reese6368 Sunnywood Dr9/21/20118/19/2011
ViewDuane J Reuter4433 Benchmark Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewCarolyn D Reynolds915 Morrow Rd9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewJacqueline Sanford109 Cedarmont Ct9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewJennifer Sharp1709 14th Ave N9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewBrian M Smith3112 Lealand Ln9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewJ. C Smith322 Gun Club Rd9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewKristopher B Smotherman3880 Priest Lake Dr Unit 139/14/20118/19/2011
ViewLawrence A Stabbs6015 Cortez Ct9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewJames Stogsdill547 Brewer Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewJohn A Sweeney1340 Love Joy Ct9/15/20118/19/2011
ViewEdilia Tello3013 Delta Queen Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewDon Thornberry530 Elaine Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewDonald R Wauford200 Radnor St9/21/20118/19/2011
ViewRocky L White2604 Lakevilla Dr9/14/20118/19/2011
ViewMichael S Wiggins2120 Lebanon Pike Apt 719/21/20118/19/2011
ViewDeborah Addington4257 Chesney Glen Dr9/9/20118/12/2011
ViewStephanie Barksdale4201 Winterbrook Rd9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewLarry A Bass677 Brewer Dr9/9/20118/12/2011
ViewAngelia Biles1543 Richlawn Dr9/6/20118/12/2011
ViewKelly C Boyce4900 Log Cabin Rd9/9/20118/12/2011
ViewMichael F DiChiaro558 Flintlock Ct9/8/20118/12/2011
ViewJames M Dickerson1428 Timber Ridge Cir9/9/20118/12/2011
ViewMaria E Guzman-Alverez6924 Scarlet Ridge Dr9/28/20118/12/2011
ViewSteven H Hall2205 Cabin Hill Rd9/9/20118/12/2011
ViewKenneth L Lampley3306 Percy Priest Dr9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewKevin W Lovell2836 Windcrest Trl9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewHarley C Northcutt3110 Casa Ct9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewDeanna F Peach271 Martingale Dr9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewRaoul A Russell1302 Ashwood Ave9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewClarence R Selman305 Bonnavue Dr9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewMarcy Selph5421 Eulala Dr9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewVache D Sharber112 Cedarvalley Ct9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewSalman A Shirazi5405 Ashlawn Dr9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewShannon L Shreeve195 Bonnalee Dr9/14/20118/12/2011
ViewDeborah Smith1817 Jefferson St9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewJessica Soloe712 Settlers Ct9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewRonald Stepp1711 Eastside Ave9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewMary Tilley1119 Bell Grimes Ln9/9/20118/12/2011
ViewAlex T Warner1308 Stratford Ave9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewWilliam J Webb1832 4th Ave N9/9/20118/12/2011
ViewJeffrey S Wells580 Harpeth Trace Dr9/7/20118/12/2011
ViewBecky F Woodfin131 Heritage Trace Dr9/6/20118/12/2011
ViewAlyce P Adkisson110 Bellevue Rd #268/31/20118/5/2011
ViewLisa Asselin2715 Mailan Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewCynthia P Atkins3929 W Valley Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewRobert P Beals4111 Media St8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewStephen R Beckman4252 Nepal Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewRoger F Billeci8421 Callabee Way8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewHeather Bobb904 Falling Water Ct8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewTommy L Boulton807 Hillview Hts9/7/20118/5/2011
ViewBrenda F Boyd407 N 17th St8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewJanet F Brown5505 Louisiana Ave9/14/20118/5/2011
ViewSheena Buntyon404 Ashby Pl8/30/20118/5/2011
ViewCesar D Carbajal7340 Sugarloaf Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewKelsie Carter1805 Dahlia Dr9/14/20118/5/2011
ViewMose C Chadwell219 Nix Dr9/1/20118/5/2011
ViewStephen E Chaisson5516 Maplesong Dr9/7/20118/5/2011
ViewSteve D Ciulla1500 Chestnut Oak Dr9/6/20118/5/2011
ViewPatsy Claude7009 Lenox Village Dr #208 (Unit E-21)8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewPatsy Claude8043 Bienville Dr Z18/31/20118/5/2011
ViewRoger F Cole4556 Whites Creek Pike9/7/20118/5/2011
ViewJeffrey Cole2400 Himes Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewAllison Couturier2952 Nautilus Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewKerry M Ellis4728 Cascade Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewOmar V Feliciano810 1st Ave N8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewTiffany N Gilder648 Rocky Mountain Pkwy8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewVencent Hickerson4604 Georgia Ave8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewAnthony D Josue4108 Hunting Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewKaren Lawrence932 Crescent Hill Rd8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewHenry Lewis821 Longhunter Ct8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewJulia C Lewis1443 Janie Ave8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewEdward W Linder1200 N 6th St8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewMichael Maitland1062 1st Ave N8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewSusan K Marr9462 Winston Dr8/29/20118/5/2011
ViewShannon M Matthews811A Sylvan St9/2/20118/5/2011
ViewJulie A McReynolds2928 Lyndale Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewJason B McReynolds934 Morrison St8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewRamiro A Melgar98 Brenda Ln9/2/20118/5/2011
ViewLillian Nealy1709A Nassau St9/2/20118/5/2011
ViewJean S Nicholas1216 Sylvia Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewRobben S Pardue721 Stone Hedge Dr9/6/20118/5/2011
ViewMilton Quezada1006 Snow Ave8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewSandra D Ray213 Dry Creek Pointe Ct8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewVeronica R Ross3329 Penn Meade Way8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewTodd M Rubenstein1431 Finnland Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewDeirdre N Russell6324 Thunderbird Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewLindsey D Scoffield2144 W Richmond Hill Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewIra W Settles918 S Douglas Ave8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewStephanie J Spradlin7231 Althorp Way R88/31/20118/5/2011
ViewGary D Stinson693 Kingsway Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewMargaret Suiter902 Elvira Ave8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewElwood B Tews1955 Port James Cir9/7/20118/5/2011
ViewWalter E Townsend3209 Woodstock Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewEmery Ward3225 Woodpoint Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewElise Warrick227 Swift Dr8/31/20118/5/2011
ViewKerry Wilson502 Anderson Ln9/1/20118/5/2011
ViewShirley D Woodall908 Ward St8/31/20118/5/2011
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