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Public Notices - Friday, January 10, 2014

Foreclosure Notices 154
Court Notices 2
Bid Notices 0
Miscellaneous Notices 9
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Tennessee Public Notices
DetailsBorrowerProperty AddressAdvertised Auction DateDate of First Notice
ViewChris Allison4361 E Richmond Shop Rd2/6/20141/10/2014
ViewRicky Anderson591 Hollis Chapel Rd2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewShaunna Barbee924 30th Ave N2/27/20141/10/2014
ViewRichard E Baumgartner1181 Lewisburg Pike1/31/20141/10/2014
ViewHope Bell1415 22nd Ave N2/13/20141/10/2014
ViewBryan B Blaise4680 Chutney Dr2/13/20141/10/2014
ViewSuellen Blue2004 Shaylin Loop2/13/20141/10/2014
ViewJerry Brinkley128 Laurel Ln2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewLeona R Broncho617 Bluewater Dr2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewRichard Byrd3419 Oak Lawn Dr2/11/20141/10/2014
ViewChristian Casey306 Windemere Woods Dr2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewValeria R Clemmons825 Irma Dr3/13/20141/10/2014
ViewTyfonne S Colbert1034 Van Buren Ct2/11/20141/10/2014
ViewCharles Cole2809 N Mount Pleasant Rd2/27/20141/10/2014
ViewTimothy Conley984 Silty Dr2/11/20141/10/2014
ViewRonald C Crowe508 Longleaf Ct2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewCurt A Davis574 Huntington Pkwy2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewEric Donmoyer7702 Cox Pike2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewMattie Duncan310 Hollywood Blvd2/13/20141/10/2014
ViewAngela Duncan135 Heritage Cir3/6/20141/10/2014
ViewJacob B Ehrlich3836 Man O War Blvd2/11/20141/10/2014
ViewNerissa A Ferrell311 Manchester Ave2/6/20141/10/2014
ViewTawfiq Ghanem2704 Old Smith Springs Rd2/12/20141/10/2014
ViewKevin L Grant6829 Pennywell Dr2/11/20141/10/2014
ViewObera Graves102 Greer Dr3/5/20141/10/2014
ViewHypatia Gutierrez1048 E Monica Dr2/4/20141/10/2014
ViewRosalind Hardin1605 Wynnhaven Ct2/13/20141/10/2014
ViewLeeann M Herndon7351 Hidden Lake Cir2/6/20141/10/2014
ViewGina C Herring2511 Douglas St2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewCollin P Kelly1957 Dabbs Ave2/18/20141/10/2014
ViewBetty Kennedy645 Carmel Ave2/13/20141/10/2014
ViewLisa M Knight1909 Guildford Dr3/6/20141/10/2014
ViewCharles Lauderdale1012 N 2nd St2/6/20141/10/2014
ViewSteven M Lewis1525 Heritage View Blvd1/31/20141/10/2014
ViewMike Luster108 W Circle Dr2/25/20141/10/2014
ViewGiovanne Marroquin458 Walton Ferry Rd2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewBette S McClanahan4828 Matterhorn Dr3/6/20141/10/2014
ViewBuck Mills7277 Charlotte Pike Unit 1022/13/20141/10/2014
ViewLaura Moore5604 Louisiana Ave2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewRandy Morgan1724 Liberty Pike2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewJason M Norris106 Hunters Chase Dr3/6/20141/10/2014
ViewWilliam Page201 Edgemeade Dr2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewJeremy Page901 Pebble Beach Cir2/26/20141/10/2014
ViewCharles Perry704 Heritage Rd2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewJoyce A Roche3076 Richmond Hill Dr2/13/20141/10/2014
ViewHelen Shelton1713 Western Shore Dr2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewN. Wayne Smothers5005 Shihmen Dr2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewAnissa Swanson1018 W Eastland Ave2/13/20141/10/2014
ViewBilly J Todd5408 Luge Ct3/6/20141/10/2014
ViewDuane M Trapp3007 McQuiston Dr2/5/20141/10/2014
ViewKenneth M White1637 Liberty Hill Dr3/5/20141/10/2014
ViewJoe Wise3701 Sugartree Pl2/13/20141/10/2014
ViewAdam D Woodring1542 Autumn Dr2/4/20141/10/2014
ViewCharles M Zimmerman502 McDonald Dr2/11/20141/10/2014
ViewAmy E Akers95 Slaters Dr2/20/20141/3/2014
ViewJimmy Carroll207 Mallow Dr2/5/20141/3/2014
ViewPhakhoun Chindavanh112 Towbridge Dr1/29/20141/3/2014
ViewRichard J Cornish921 Spruce St2/5/20141/3/2014
ViewAlice F Cravens-bush140 N Leath Rd1/29/20141/3/2014
ViewJohn Curtis5791 Roxbury Dr1/29/20141/3/2014
ViewBenjamin Duke2718 Mollys Court3/6/20141/3/2014
ViewDennis R Dye121 Luna Ln1/29/20141/3/2014
ViewEllis C Evans1032 Rebecca Dr1/28/20141/3/2014
ViewDon A Fox1445 Station Four Ln1/29/20141/3/2014
ViewRaymond D Guerra424 Cook Dr2/4/20141/3/2014
ViewGeorge F Harbaugh410 Holmes Gap Rd1/30/20141/3/2014
ViewJaneane K Hatchett1424 Timber Valley Dr1/30/20141/3/2014
ViewHeather Kelly120 Santa Monica Boulevard3/13/20141/3/2014
ViewDonald Kondik1055 Lewis Rd1/28/20141/3/2014
ViewMichael O Leckie305 Colemont Ter1/24/20141/3/2014
ViewTyronicia R Manier2828 Windcrest Trl1/29/20141/3/2014
ViewRyan Matheny3433 White Pine Dr2/20/20141/3/2014
ViewCharyl L Medley1557 Meadow Bend Dr2/4/20141/3/2014
ViewTaven R Merritt105 Willow Ct2/19/20141/3/2014
ViewGregory Mills324 W Harper Rd2/5/20141/3/2014
ViewIda B Mitchell1049 Gwynn Dr1/30/20141/3/2014
ViewWilliam E Pfingsten111 N Tarver Ave2/20/20141/3/2014
ViewJoseph A Polite5609 Royal Ct2/11/20141/3/2014
ViewKimberly J Ramsey114 36th Ave N #422/13/20141/3/2014
ViewDaniel S Richard218 Northwood Ter2/4/20141/3/2014
ViewSteven T Roberts840 Balthrop Rd2/26/20141/3/2014
ViewScott Ruthven2917 Cherry Hills Dr1/29/20141/3/2014
ViewJason A Sleap3050 Julius Hollis Rd2/25/20141/3/2014
ViewStacia L Smith901 Carolyn Ave2/27/20141/3/2014
ViewHeather Stockton124 Greer Cir1/30/20141/3/2014
ViewMarci Suggs3381 Vanleer Hwy1/21/20141/3/2014
ViewTimothy C Tipps3250 Prater Ct2/5/20141/3/2014
ViewVictor H Turner135 Filly Ln1/29/20141/3/2014
ViewLeether Warren106 Sugar Tree Ln2/19/20141/3/2014
ViewJamie A Willet1208 Bothwell Pl2/5/20141/3/2014
ViewCynthia L Williams1529 Mohawk Trl1/29/20141/3/2014
ViewMerian V Yound807 Tamarack S1/30/20141/3/2014
ViewAngel Aguilar1342 Hartsville Pike1/29/201412/27/2013
ViewEloise T Alsup208 E Jefferson Pike2/20/201412/27/2013
ViewWilliam W Billips547 Adamwood Dr1/23/201412/27/2013
ViewClayton R Britton3206 Charleston Way1/22/201412/27/2013
ViewStephanie J Brown104 S Laurens Way2/27/201412/27/2013
ViewElizabeth Brown933 Aldwych Ct1/29/201412/27/2013
ViewVirgil R Butler510 Gammon Ln1/22/201412/27/2013
ViewRobert G Cornwell429 American Rd2/13/201412/27/2013
ViewVernice Y Dalrymple1512 Robertson Ct1/28/201412/27/2013
ViewMyrah Daniel312 Joyner Ave1/17/201412/27/2013
ViewJausha Deane1517 Slaydenwood Rd2/25/201412/27/2013
ViewAlanna L Donovan167 Armor Pl2/20/201412/27/2013
ViewGregory L Epperson1011 Nina Dr1/23/201412/27/2013
ViewRichard C Floyd8011 Minehead Dr3/6/201412/27/2013
ViewPatrick George156 Chippendale Dr1/30/201412/27/2013
ViewMichael Glenn4236 Valley Grove Dr1/29/201412/27/2013
ViewJennifer Goad1008 Heydel Cir2/20/201412/27/2013
ViewSteven D Gordon2226 Blue Springs Rd2/19/201412/27/2013
ViewPaul E Hayes111 Marcus Cir1/29/201412/27/2013
ViewPhyllis A Hines3108 Richmond Hill Dr2/19/201412/27/2013
ViewSteven S Hoiberg864 Pinnacle Hill Rd1/23/201412/27/2013
ViewValerie M Hollandsworth3709 Tibbs Dr2/13/201412/27/2013
ViewSharyan L Holmberg114 N Timber Dr2/27/201412/27/2013
ViewCharles H Johnson101B Hill Rd1/30/201412/27/2013
ViewCharles H Johnson1151-1153 Hwy 47 E1/23/201412/27/2013
ViewElroy D Kahanek6916 Stone Run Dr1/29/201412/27/2013
ViewMichelle Keesee3735 Misty Way1/30/201412/27/2013
ViewChristine A Knights133 Mansker Park Dr1/29/201412/27/2013
ViewStephen J Laszlo1024 Cheryl Ln1/29/201412/27/2013
ViewDaniel P Martin231 Cool Waters Ct1/22/201412/27/2013
ViewKathleen C Martin144 Scenic Harpeth Dr1/22/201412/27/2013
ViewJulio C Martinez5325 Old Village Rd1/30/201412/27/2013
ViewDevin Y McClain504 Phipps Dr2/27/201412/27/2013
ViewVera N Mendoza3672 S Naples Ct2/13/201412/27/2013
ViewRobert W Mooneyhan109 Warren Dr1/30/201412/27/2013
ViewAntwan Odom1041 Watkins Creek Dr1/23/201412/27/2013
ViewMark Ousley1987 Nashboro Blvd2/13/201412/27/2013
ViewAnthony P Patton60 Tusculum Rd2/27/201412/27/2013
ViewHeather L Phistry593 Highcrest Dr2/13/201412/27/2013
ViewObed Pineda423 Robertson Dr2/20/201412/27/2013
ViewJohn E Puckett1130 Tracy Rd2/20/201412/27/2013
ViewCharlotte A Roseman422 Eastland Ave1/22/201412/27/2013
ViewAnthony H Roushdi720 Vauxhall Dr1/22/201412/27/2013
ViewKenneth E Russell6441 Riverplace Dr1/30/201412/27/2013
ViewKeith F Sensing206 Old Highway 482/4/201412/27/2013
ViewSusan R Sissom110 E McGuire St2/20/201412/27/2013
ViewDeborah D Sorrells257 Neelys Bend Rd1/30/201412/27/2013
ViewRobert Sparrow3212 Luann Dr1/17/201412/27/2013
ViewJerry D Spencer1304 Pennock Ave1/21/201412/27/2013
ViewDavid K Stoever1555 Bell Hollow Rd1/30/201412/27/2013
ViewKenley R Summers4159 Turnersville Rd2/13/201412/27/2013
ViewJulie S Tate1304 Springwood Court2/20/201412/27/2013
ViewShaun M Thiel2650 Derby Dr1/21/201412/27/2013
ViewTheodore J Tiesler7172 Bay Cove Trl1/22/201412/27/2013
ViewGordon E Todd125 Elk Ave1/23/201412/27/2013
ViewClaudia L Tutt5049 Cherrywood Dr2/27/201412/27/2013
ViewTony Vanwinkle1722 Campbell Rd1/22/201412/27/2013
ViewThomas S Vetetoe46 McMurtry Rd2/13/201412/27/2013
ViewJulie N Warren1017 Keaton St3/6/201412/27/2013
ViewMarty Whitaker109 Avalon Bay Dr2/20/201412/27/2013
ViewRonald Williams750 22nd Ct N1/22/201412/27/2013
ViewKathy Winston6557 Broken Bow Dr1/22/201412/27/2013
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DetailsTypePreviewPublication Date(s)
View Non-Resident Notice 3rd Circuit
Docket No. 13D2928
Marivel Zuniga
Joel Israel Arevalo
In this cause it ... more
Dec. 27, 2013 Jan. 3, 10, 17, 2014
View Non-Resident Notice 4th Circuit
Docket No. 13D478
Miguelina Rocio Ortiz Lozano
Miguel Angel Rios Ayala
In ... more
Dec. 20, 27, 2013 Jan. 3, 10, 2014
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View NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, to satisfy lien of the owner, at public sale by competitive ... more Jan. 10, 2014
View NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, to satisfy lien of the owner, at public sale by competitive ... more Jan. 10, 2014
View NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, to satisfy lien of the owner, at public sale by competitive ... more Jan. 10, 2014
View NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, to satisfy lien of the owner, at public sale by competitive ... more Jan. 10, 2014