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Public Notices - Friday, May 24, 2019

Foreclosure Notices 69
Court Notices 0
Miscellaneous Notices 1
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Tennessee Public Notices
DetailsBorrowerProperty AddressAdvertised Auction DateDate of First Notice
ViewMiguel Houston154 Sycamore Dr6/11/20196/11/2019
ViewSherri Anderson1251 Tellico St S6/18/20195/24/2019
ViewCharles S Ballard2575 Mountain View Dr6/26/20195/24/2019
ViewTrecia D Bush-Todd4700 Skyview Dr6/18/20195/24/2019
ViewWilliam R Cockrum7528 Temple Acres Dr6/18/20195/24/2019
ViewTad H Davis608 W 3rd Ave6/19/20195/24/2019
ViewWilliam A Goodwin1757 Cedar Grove Road6/13/20195/24/2019
ViewRobert L Hicks810 Coon Hollow Rd6/18/20195/24/2019
ViewGary L Kelly302 Mayfield Ave6/13/20195/24/2019
ViewKara Memolo1590 Jasmine Trl6/13/20195/24/2019
ViewJonathan H Moran730 Crooked Oak Dr6/21/20195/24/2019
ViewDavid A Price345 Crabtree Hollow Rd6/26/20195/24/2019
ViewShelton D Ramey7010 Davis Ferry Rd6/20/20195/24/2019
ViewBernard D Rockstad2505 Teepee Lane6/18/20195/24/2019
ViewJames E Roy2505 W Old Topside Rd6/24/20195/24/2019
ViewMichael P Wright1450 Little Valley Rd6/18/20195/24/2019
ViewChristopher L Conder60 Livesay St5/30/20195/20/2019
ViewJackie G Atkins2782 Smith Hollow Rd6/18/20195/17/2019
ViewGabrielle C Bradley7605 Asher Ln7/25/20195/17/2019
ViewMonica A Carroll505 Eagle Bend Rd7/9/20195/17/2019
ViewDorren A Davis4508 Holly Tree Ln7/10/20195/17/2019
ViewDonna K Evans19089 Steekee Rd6/18/20195/17/2019
View Fairfield Smoky Mountains320 Collier Dr6/12/20195/17/2019
ViewSteven B Hammond6909 Weaver Rd6/13/20195/17/2019
ViewJames R Haynes1431 North Arbon Drive7/11/20195/17/2019
ViewRonald Headrick1377 Cloyds Church Rd6/11/20195/17/2019
ViewArthur G Jones3001 Shropshire Blvd6/13/20195/17/2019
ViewMatthew A Koelper6949 Rambling Brooks Ln6/13/20195/17/2019
ViewGregory S Lee4208 Glasgow Rd6/18/20195/17/2019
ViewHelen J Lephew176 Leabow Cir6/20/20195/17/2019
ViewTracy S Long3601 Valley View Dr7/25/20195/17/2019
ViewJames M Manes8244 Westland Dr6/13/20195/17/2019
ViewChristina L Maples8232 Wiebelo Dr6/11/20195/17/2019
ViewCarey D Melvin2001 Mahogany Wood Trl7/11/20195/17/2019
ViewRobert Metcalf609 Sled Creek Rd6/11/20195/17/2019
ViewDonna Mifflin397 Allen Burgess Rd6/18/20195/17/2019
ViewCynthia L Nelson-Runyan376 Mount Paran Rd7/23/20195/17/2019
ViewBruce J Park204 W Newton St7/17/20195/17/2019
ViewTracy Petree300 Chickamauga Ave7/25/20195/17/2019
ViewAntuan M Ruiz5301 Marguerite Rd7/11/20195/17/2019
ViewStephan Strohmenger805 View Harbour Rd6/17/20195/17/2019
ViewMary L Thevenard19 Lindale Ln6/11/20195/17/2019
ViewChad E Trent2409 Liberty Rd6/18/20195/17/2019
ViewPaul F Wagner1118 Powdermill Rd6/13/20195/17/2019
ViewLaVada C Aker288 Baker Cir6/19/20195/10/2019
ViewTony C Allen7617 Foxglen Blvd5/30/20195/10/2019
ViewRichard P Boyer114 Nightharbor Way6/4/20195/10/2019
ViewCharles Brooks1343 W Hunt Rd6/11/20195/10/2019
ViewChris Burbage112 Brownlow Dr6/12/20195/10/2019
ViewBradford L Cameron9225 Hollander Ln6/13/20195/10/2019
ViewRobert H Carroll189 College Park Rd6/25/20195/10/2019
ViewRichard T Dooley766 Poplar Creek Rd5/30/20195/10/2019
ViewStephanie J Dotson1711 Poplar Hill Rd6/13/20195/10/2019
ViewElisha D Fanney137 Morton St7/10/20195/10/2019
ViewWesley L Hatmaker5305 Riverbriar Rd6/11/20195/10/2019
ViewRichard C Johnson137 Dogwood Ln6/11/20195/10/2019
ViewJoseph Lawrence159 Alyssa Dr6/5/20195/10/2019
ViewG S LeMarr2386 Cherokee Dr6/12/20195/10/2019
ViewYulanda B Martin166 Keeble Ave6/4/20195/10/2019
ViewNancy L Matoy144 Oak Hill Ln6/7/20195/10/2019
ViewFranklin M McMillan2845 Parkview Ct6/4/20195/10/2019
ViewLorenzo Parra346 HC Smith Dr5/30/20195/10/2019
ViewLinnie E Robertson433 W 6th North St6/12/20195/10/2019
ViewVirginia R Sellers3012 Shropshire Blvd6/5/20195/10/2019
ViewPhilip D Sucese1337 W Chestnut St5/30/20195/10/2019
ViewJonathan C Swallows130 Arkham Ln6/5/20195/10/2019
ViewCharles W Ward1802 Cannondale Rd6/4/20195/10/2019
ViewDebra A Wilker912 Lloyd St6/4/20195/10/2019
ViewShannon A Smith1627 Chenoweth Cir6/13/20199/27/2010
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View PUBLIC NOTICE The Tennessee Highway Patrol has recovered the below listed vehicles:
Year:     Make:     Model:     VIN:     Vehicle Location:
2003     Buick      Rondeveau     3G5DA03E83S517511     Knoxville, TN 865-966-0050
1995 ... more
May 24, 2019