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Public Notices - Friday, April 19, 2019

Foreclosure Notices 94
Court Notices 0
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Tennessee Public Notices
DetailsBorrowerProperty AddressAdvertised Auction DateDate of First Notice
ViewJohn Aday1356 Kensington Dr5/14/20194/19/2019
ViewKatherine A Adkins1420 Marconi Dr6/13/20194/19/2019
ViewMichael C Angelovich6236 Lanier Rd5/22/20194/19/2019
ViewLisa R Anthony154 Cross Dr5/8/20194/19/2019
ViewJessica L Bender3144 Montvale Rd5/22/20194/19/2019
ViewSandra L Booker518 Alpine Cir5/21/20194/19/2019
ViewRebecca L Bowman931 Mountain Berry Dr5/30/20194/19/2019
ViewDebra J Breeden6113 Bill Murray Ln6/13/20194/19/2019
ViewLeslie Burress189 Sandy Hill Rd5/10/20194/19/2019
ViewTravis J Clemmons1955 Martindale Dr5/21/20194/19/2019
ViewTrevor Clifton1711 Creason Dr5/9/20194/19/2019
ViewClabe D Coker6020 N Apopka Dr5/16/20194/19/2019
ViewMichael S Collins337 Headrickview Dr5/22/20194/19/2019
ViewLaura L Connatser1513 Dutch Valley Dr5/16/20194/19/2019
ViewAnthony Fernandez7546 Kathryn Cir5/14/20194/19/2019
ViewBetty L Gentry5910 Woodburn Dr5/16/20194/19/2019
ViewRichard W Green10060 Delle Meade Dr5/16/20194/19/2019
ViewDavid Hayes2750 Buffalo Trl6/12/20194/19/2019
ViewJewel D Hooks225 Doe Run Blvd5/14/20194/19/2019
ViewCharles E James2919 Sunset Ave5/14/20194/19/2019
ViewJason L Johnson2305 Cripple Oak Ln5/16/20194/19/2019
ViewRonald Kittrell161 Angels Ln5/22/20194/19/2019
ViewLiza M Kitts214 Butter and Egg Rd5/14/20194/19/2019
ViewJason J Langman2288 Watkins Rd6/18/20194/19/2019
ViewWanda L Lewis196 Rusty Blue Dr5/14/20194/19/2019
ViewOscar L Long467 Tyler Dr6/3/20194/19/2019
ViewJames A Manis7187 Lantana Rd5/22/20194/19/2019
ViewMark E Minton1401 Barcelona Dr6/13/20194/19/2019
ViewClarence H Mock5916 Westmere Dr6/13/20194/19/2019
ViewDaisha N Parker5101 Farmhouse View Ln5/16/20194/19/2019
ViewGregory Pickens3505 Rocky Ridge Rd5/15/20194/19/2019
ViewBilly J Robinson3608 S Haven Rd5/30/20194/19/2019
ViewJanet Satterfield7808 Ralph Youmans Rd5/14/20194/19/2019
ViewJohn H Sentz1973 Lee Proffitt Way5/30/20194/19/2019
ViewHelen Sharp908 W Oak Hill Ave6/13/20194/19/2019
ViewJune C Smith1228 Exeter Ave5/15/20194/19/2019
ViewDewey W Snapp2008 Antietam Rd5/16/20194/19/2019
ViewThomas B Snodgrass2836 Ashridge Rd6/13/20194/19/2019
ViewFrankie E Summey157 McSpaddin Branch Rd5/14/20194/19/2019
ViewMark Tull11721 Georgetowne Dr5/30/20194/19/2019
ViewMary L Wichelt5411 Parkridge Dr5/14/20194/19/2019
ViewBilly J Worthington6956 Cardindale Dr6/13/20194/19/2019
ViewLorrie L Yeary178 Makalley Ln5/8/20194/19/2019
ViewMarc P Oldroyd138 N Ridge Ave5/15/20194/15/2019
ViewDouglas A Arthur714 Fox Trail Rd5/14/20194/12/2019
ViewKristy M Boling2835 Wendi Ann Dr5/2/20194/12/2019
ViewMitchell J Bolix3157 Sweetwater Vonore Rd5/21/20194/12/2019
ViewGeorge R Caldwell1627 Hart Rd5/16/20194/12/2019
ViewThomas B Caldwell6420 Wilmouth Run Rd5/16/20194/12/2019
ViewChristopher W Corbin114 Pearl St5/14/20194/12/2019
ViewJoshua T Dannels16 Sugarbush Ln5/8/20194/12/2019
ViewDenny Demetro437 Wild Plum Dr6/5/20194/12/2019
ViewRonnie Dew1125 Laurel Hill Rd5/16/20194/12/2019
ViewTina M Edmonds828 Rio Dr5/7/20184/12/2019
ViewJerry J Green165 Jonathan Ln5/22/20194/12/2019
ViewSonny R Harless5113 Wilford Rd6/13/20194/12/2019
ViewBillie J Hazelwood1403 James Ferry Rd5/15/20194/12/2019
ViewDeborah A Holloway4717 Royal Prince Way5/15/20194/12/2019
ViewDavid M Hoover1716 Holdway St6/12/20194/12/2019
ViewMichael A Humphrey3500 Dockery Dr5/7/20194/12/2019
ViewRonald A Johnson125 Finley Dr5/6/20194/12/2019
ViewEmmanuel P Lokure840 Walker Springs Rd5/9/20194/12/2019
ViewPamela R Noell5409 Bland Ln5/2/20194/12/2019
ViewLinda S Snowden2424 Willow Garden Cir5/21/20194/12/2019
ViewPaul M Stackhouse7232 Charlotte Dr5/7/20194/12/2019
ViewKarrie D Terpening84 Shield Cir5/14/20194/12/2019
ViewDennis C Tipton311 Henderson St6/19/20194/12/2019
ViewSteven R Troutt3904 Vienna Dr5/16/20194/12/2019
ViewDavid M Anderson128 Wildwood Hills Dr4/30/20194/5/2019
ViewAlexander Campbell1438 Mount Pleasant Rd6/3/20194/5/2019
ViewFarrell L Carroll1011 Cox Cir5/9/20194/5/2019
ViewAlfred Cole2549 Chukar Rd5/14/20194/5/2019
ViewMichelle A Coley709 E 2nd North St5/1/20194/5/2019
ViewJewell R Cooper616 N Douglas Ave4/25/20194/5/2019
ViewWilliam W Davis3109 Keller Bend Rd6/13/20194/5/2019
ViewRobert D Elliott231 Pine Ridge Rd5/14/20194/5/2019
ViewThomas Flynn118 Clearview Dr5/9/20194/5/2019
ViewJames E Goins5806 Caldwell Rd6/5/20194/5/2019
ViewFloyd F Hansen405 Elm St4/29/20194/5/2019
ViewDavid E Ledford10025 Kenny Rd6/4/20194/5/2019
ViewLisa Mace2529 Sportsmans Way4/30/20194/5/2019
ViewSteven W McDaniel254 Canary Dr5/8/20194/5/2019
ViewJustin Metzger3627 Lake City Hwy6/25/20194/5/2019
ViewJackie L Montgomery5728 Oak Rd5/2/20194/5/2019
ViewCharlene J Morgan703 Snodderly Rd4/29/20194/5/2019
ViewCharles L Moss235 Hill Top St4/25/20194/5/2019
ViewLarry W Motley150 Welch Rd5/8/20194/5/2019
ViewSusan Patterson5226 Brig Ln6/4/20164/5/2019
ViewHerman L Shanks3437 Baxter View Dr5/8/20194/5/2019
ViewJames G Smith3246 Morganton Rd5/8/20194/5/2019
ViewLeonard M Smith4725 Old Niles Ferry Rd5/22/20194/5/2019
ViewSusan E Stewart304 Parkway Dr6/5/20194/5/2019
ViewShellie Walton5139 Morganton Rd5/9/20194/5/2019
ViewRyan A Watts651 Crestview Cir5/22/20194/5/2019
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